Google introduces $35 Chromecast streaming stick

Thank to CNET in the US please see below video Google event on the new product Chromecast. This product is only available in the US but Google will soon release other countries Europe, Asia and Australia.

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PS Vita to be the last portable gaming console from Sony!

PSP was one of the most popular hand-held gaming console with breath taking graphics ( at least at that time!) all packed in a beautifully crafted portable device. It not only was a gaming console but a multimedia powerhouse! From playing videos to browsing Internet, it stopped at nothing. Observing the success of PSP, Sony launched PS Vita, the successor of the now dead PSP. 

However, PS Vita is having hard time to get noticed among the public. Though, it isn't overpriced as the first batch of PS3, there are things which make it undemanding. Had there not been smartphones, trust me, PS Vita would have rocked the world. Unfortunately, the highly speced Smartphones are killing vita day by day. Smartphones of today have high resolution screen which till date have extended up to full HD which packs much more pixels than PS Vita. The game library of Android and iOS is also way larger than that of PS Vita. 

PS Vita is good, no doubt about that but people want something more. They want one gadget that can do it all and smartphone is the only answer for that. If phones can make calls, browse the Internet, play movies and let us play games, then why bother to get a gaming console which doesn't make phone calls or take superb photos? 

PS vita hasn't been doing well and won't make any further progress either. The games look good than any other hand-held I have got ever hold of. The graphics are intense and the gameplay is good and is par to the graphics of PS3. But, people wouldn't and won't prefer to have smartphone in one of their pocket and Vita in the other. The other reason is the high price of PS Vita games and propitiatory memory sticks. While most Android and iOS games cost below 5$, PS Vita games cost above 50$ which is too expensive to say the least! People are getting into gaming in smartphones and don't show any sign of changing their platform for playing games.

PS Vita is dying and dying very fast. It looks as though PS Vita won't impress people and new generation of Gaming console seems out of question. I, hereby want to state that PS Vita will be the last portable gaming console from Sony. Long live PS Vita! There are very few people who look for dedicated portable gaming console as they see smartphone as their means of playing gaming. Either Sony has to bring something revolutionary to get back in the game or they will have to call PS Vita the last of portable hand-held gaming device.

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Nexus 4 Camera Sample Outdoors!

You like the Nexus 4,right? So, how do you like its camera? And what about the video recorder? Some say it's awesome, some say it's bad and some say it's decent. If you are in verge of getting Nexus 4, this is the post for you to find out how Nexus 4's camera really is! Down here I have linked my YouTube video which is a sample of the Nexus 4 camera. So, watch and enjoy.

The camera is the Nexus 4 is really good. It takes very good pictures with accurate tone. However, colours are sometimes dull and look unpleasant. For some, it may be a good news as photo editing becoming quite easy due to its dull nature. There is a default Photo Editor in Nexus 4 pre-installed which makes photo editing handy. 
Nexus 4 has got a single led flash light on its rear camera which goes too bright but only when needed. The same led flash can be used while video recording. Turning ON HDR on Nexus 4 while taking a photo is recommended as it takes superb photo when HDR is turned on. The low light performance of the Nexus 4 however is not that good. It is just acceptable. The microphone on the other hand is great and noise cancellation is done perfectly as well. The front facing camera is a 1.3 MP camera which takes decent photos and can record video in 720p HD. The shutter speed is average and can take 2 to 3 snapshots in a second.

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Will Nexus 4 be the Last Nexus Smartphone!!!

First, we had the Htc Nexus one, then Samsung Galaxy Nexus S and then Samsung Galaxy Nexus and finally we have the Nexus 4. The biggest question at this time of the year is whether Google will release the newer version of Nexus Smartphone. Normally, the answer without a doubt would be yes. However looking into the current scenario it is really hard to say.

The first reason why Nexus 4 can be the last of Nexus device is the fact that now Google owns Motorola and there are high chances that Google will be releasing newer smartphones under the name of Motorola Mobility. They have even given Motorola a new logo and call it a Google company. There are several rumours which suggest Google will sell newer devices under the name Motorola X phone. This seems likely as Google will be able to profit from hardware as well if they unleash a smartphone from their own stable.


The other reason why Nexus 4 can be the last of Nexus breed is the fact there are other Nexus like devices which run on stock Android. HTC One Google Edition and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition both run on stock Android and have upper hand in terms of Hardware specs. There are several rumours which suggest that we will be seeing Sony Xperia Z Google Edition later this year. These phones will get early updates just as fast as Nexus 4. Google has ditched many programs earlier and ditching Nexus branding phones can be one of them.

Has Nexus branding finally lost its ground? Or will we see Nexus 5 around the end of the year? To know that all we can do is wait. The killer feature of Nexus 4 is the price. At 300$, it is the hottest smartphone that you can't get anywhere else in this planet. Hopefully we will get to have a look at Nexus 5! Thank you for reading my post.Stay tuned and stay updated. Do send comments and suggestions down below. You can also catch me on my Facebook page.

Are Smartphones getting too big??!!!

Remember the time when people said iPhone was too big o fit in the hand? Do you remember the time when people bashed Samsung for creating a phone with 4" screen? Things have changed quite a lot in a few years. Now, iPhone is considered too small. Even the iPhone 5 with a 4" screen is categorized as a small sized smartphone.

People have stated taking smartphone as a multimedia device more than a daily driver phone! When Samsung unleashed the Samsung Galaxy Note I (GT-N700 ), people were like, "Oh my God! For whom is this phone made?".Surprisingly enough, the Note series have been a great hit! Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G Pro are two great examples of how big a phone really can be!  People really enjoy carrying smartphone which looks and feels enormous. The smartphone size has become so big people can barely carry them around. Some of them even don't fit in our pockets!

That's not it! In 2013, we have seen smartphones with screen size of above 6". Here is the list of huge smartphone of the year 2013!
  1. Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
  2. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  3. Sony Xperia Z Ultra
  4. Lenovo's IdeaPhone K900
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Playstation 4 (PS4) costs only 399$!

PS4 has been one of the hottest talk of 2013! Sony hadn't even shown as how the console looked like! Yes, we now know how the new console looks like and how much it will cost us!
If you are looking forward for getting a new console, PS4 certainly is going to be the one for you! After all, the Xbox One is 100$ expensive than the PS4 and has many restrictions including disability of trading games and going online every 24 hours! 

The PS4 has huge specs bump from the seven year old PS3. The key hardware features of PS4 are :
  1. An eight-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU clocked at 1.9 GHz
  2. 8GB of GDDR5 RAM
  3.  500 GB Hard-drive 
  4.  Blu-ray drive
  5. Three USB 3.0 ports
  6. 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  7. Ethernet, HDMI Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  8. Optical audio and analog AV out
  9. NFC

You can make PS4 yours just for 399$ which includes PS4 console, one controller and one month free subscribion to PS Plus! One clear advantage PS4 has over Xbox One is the ability to play second hand games. Also, PS4 looks much more sexier and compact than the Xbox One and finally it costs a lot less! PS4 will be available for purchase in Spring 2014! 

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Source : CNET

Get Started with Xbox One for just 499$

2013! Seems like this is the year for next-gen Game/Home Entertainment Consoles! With the announcement of PS4 and Xbox One, things are getting pretty competitive! Are you getting the Xbox One or the PS4? I am sure you can't decide yet! We haven't even got opportunity to see what PS4 looks like far go its availability and pricing. With such circumstances, you won't be able to decide which console you will be getting in 2013!

However, we now know most of the facts about the Xbox One. We also know how it looks like and finally we know how much it will 
cost! It will cost 499$ plus many goodies. For the price , you get an Xbox One console with  500GB hard drive, Kinect motion sensor , one controller (wireless) , and a free two-week trial of Xbox Live Gold. It sure is pricy but you are getting a lot of goodies out of the box as well. The new kinect is a lot superior and has much more to show off! 
So, that's it guys, you can get Xbox One for 499$ and will officially launch this november! Stay tuned and stay updated!

Source: GSMArena